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Wiggly World of Organization – The webinar!

Chris Rodgers - Sunday, June 14, 2020

I recently took part in a 30-minute webinar on the The Wiggly World of Organization, with my friend Dominic Mahony. Dom is Executive Chairman of Lane4 Management Group, who hosted the event.

A recording of the webinar is available on Lane4’s YouTube channel, here.

This provides an introduction to the complex social dynamics of real-world organization that we all experience every day, whether in a work setting or in life more generally. As Dominic mentions towards the end, this webinar offers what is very much a ‘microwaved version’ of the seminars and workshops that I would typically run with clients on this topic. It does, though, map out some of the main themes that underpin a  wiggly-world understanding of organization. It also begins to put some flesh on what I mean by the important notion of “muddling through with purpose, courage and skill”.

If you would like to explore these ideas further, please get in touch.

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