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OD Matters!

Chris Rodgers - Thursday, May 9, 2019

For the past several weeks, work has been progressing on the production of a special, OD-themed edition of the online journal e-Organisations and People (e-O&P). This has been put together in recognition of the upcoming 20th Anniversary of the formation of the OD Innovation Network (ODiN), which I helped to found in 1999 and for which I have organized the meetings since 2005.

I was invited to be guest editor of the journal, which is now complete and has been published by the Association for Management Education and Development (AMED). A free pdf copy of the entire edition can be accessed here.

What’s in the journal?

The edition is entitled OD Matters: celebrating ODiN at 20. At its core are 13 original and wide-ranging articles written by ODiN members. These cover the following five broad themes:

  • giving voice and enabling others to find theirs;
  • foundations of OD;
  • perspectives on OD practice;
  • facing the future; and,
  • a call to arms.

Besides the suite of articles, the journal includes a catalogue of books that have been written by current members of the network; together with details of some upcoming events and brief outlines of AMED and ODiN*. In my role as guest editor, I have written a brief introduction to the articles and drawn out a number of common themes, to provoke further reflection, discussion and practice. In addition, I’ve charted the history of ODiN over the past 20 years. This includes a schedule of all of the meetings (well almost all!) that have taken place during that period.

I hope that you enjoy the read!

*Please note that, for logistical reasons, ODiN is a members-only network.

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