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What Others Say

We place great store in ensuring that clients see our contribution as worth their investment. You can find some of their comments on relevant pages elsewhere on the website. And here are a few more…

The work Chris introduced inspired a whole new wave of thinking on Change and Innovation which enabled us to manage a cross-border transformation with more agility and speed than we had previously experienced. It enabled us to clearly think of multiple levels of complexity in manageable sized deliveries.

— Head of Programme Management Office

I worked with Chris on different projects involving OD strategy, team building and group dynamics. Chris provided a lot of experience and creativity in designing and facilitating group workshops. He also provided personal coaching to me during my initial introduction to the world of OD; in addition he introduced me to an extended network of OD professionals. Chris is well connected and I consider him an OD expert.

— OD Manager in UK Energy Business

I’m a huge fan of your work and both the book and the countless pages I have printed from your website are a source of constant validation and support for my role as a change facilitator.

— Senior Finance Manager in Communications Sector

Thanks again for a wonderful and inspiring morning. I really like this belief you bring to the Company.

— Senior Manager in Power Company in the Netherlands

Chris Rodgers was knowledgeable and respectful of others’ comments. It made a welcome change not to have a patronising lecturer! It was great to have time to debate and discuss some practical “how tos”.

— Senior public sector manager after “leading-edge” workshop on change

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