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Who we are

Chris Rodgers Consulting Limited was formed in 1998 and is based in the Cotswolds area of the UK.

We work independently, and occasionally in collaboration with others, to help managers understand, engage with, and thrive in the real-world (“wiggly”) dynamics of organizational life that they experience every day.

We have worked with managers in both the UK and internationally, from CEOs to the front-line, and in both the private and public sectors.

What we bring

Our work with clients is based on:

  • Uncommon Ideas – Our work combines insights gained from Chris Rodgers’s extensive experience as a practising manager with in-depth knowledge and emerging perspectives on how organizations actually work ‘on the ground’.
  • Uncommon Approaches – We place particular emphasis on the hidden, messy and informal (i.e. wiggly) dynamics of organization, which others typically shy away from or ignore altogether.
  • Uncommon Sense – Much of the so-called ‘common sense’ of conventional management practice doesn’t seem to work in relation to the real-world challenges experienced by the people we work with. We introduce them instead to some un-common sense – that is, to ways of thinking and acting that provide a better fit with their everyday experienced reality.

Working with us


  • …you’re looking for fresh ideas and practical help in the broad areas of leadership, change, strategic performance, innovation, or any other aspect of organizational dynamics
  • …you’re fed up with finding that the usual ‘solutions’ don’t seem to work
  • …you want someone independent to help you and your team to progress
  • …you simply want to find out more about the wiggly world of organization or the informal coalitions view of organizational change – and the implications of these for your own and/or others’ leadership practice…

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“Others (including myself) have tried to communicate how new ideas from what we used to call ‘the social sciences’ reveal the non-rational nature of almost all organisational decision-making and the hidden relationships between political power and organisational change in our client organisations. Chris Rodgers is unique in doing so in a way which is easy to understand, and which clients like and find of practical value.”
— Senior OD Practitioner

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