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Informal Coalitions

Chris Rodgers | Palgrave MacMillan 2007

“A fantastic book on organizational change…”
– Bonni Stachowiak, Professor, Vanguard University, Southern California

According to conventional wisdom, change is brought about through formal, rational analysis of ‘the facts’ and step-by-step decision-making by people whose agendas are fully aligned. Informal Coalitions exposes this as a fiction. It shows how outcomes arise instead from informal interactions, joint sense-making, and political accommodations, made by people who are trying to make a difference in the complex, uncertain, and ambiguous conditions of everyday organizational life.

The book makes it clear that the only meaningful choice leaders have is whether or not to engage with these dynamics in a deliberate and informed way. For those who choose to do so, Informal Coalitions offers new insights and practical ways of addressing these powerful influencers of organizational change and performance. Using straightforward language throughout, Chris Rodgers presents a provocative but compelling argument for change leaders and other practitioners to embrace this new agenda and master its challenges.

The book has its roots in Chris Rodgers’s background as a practising manager in UK industry, and as a management consultant to both private- and public-sector organizations in the UK and internationally. It is further underpinned by insights he gained as part of a master’s degree in managing change. The informal coalitions approach therefore draws on a deep understanding of organizations from the inside, as well leading-edge thinking on the complex dynamics of organizational change and performance.

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What people say about Informal Coalitions…

“I found this book very readable. It has the rare merit of being theoretically robust and of great practical value.”
– Bill Critchley, Organisation Consultant and Director of the Ashridge Masters in Organisation Consulting

“Certainly, this is a worthwhile book for those of us who prefer complexity theory to simplistic reductionism, and it will appeal to the leader reluctant to accept the unquestioned assumptions of traditional change management practice.”
– Dr Anne Murphy, Learning Development Officer, Dublin Institute of Technology

“Bring together vast experience in managing organizational change, intelligent and critical reflection on how it works, thorough engagement with some exciting new perspectives on organizations, and a belief in the centrality of everyday conversation in organizations, and you will see why I’m excited by Chris Rodgers’s new book.”
– David Sims, Professor of Organizational Behaviour, Cass Business School

“This book … legitimises the informal, conversational style that has served me so well throughout my career…”
– Lord Tunnicliffe, CBE, Chairman of the Rail Safety and Standards Board

“Chris Rodgers’s book… offers an exciting new vision of organisational dynamics that highlights the powerful role played by everyday conversations in making change happen …”
– Adrian Moorhouse, MBE, Olympic Gold Medallist and Managing Director of Lane4

“Chris Rodgers’s ideas provide for a much richer understanding of why and how change really happens, and more importantly how it can best be managed.”
– Guy Eccles, Board Director of Human Resources, Screwfix Direct

“Chris Rodgers has that rare quality, a deep and sympathetic understanding of human and organisational behaviour combined with an engineer’s analytical nature. His personal insights from rapidly changing organisations have combined with these qualities to produce a book that I would recommend to any leader.’
– Andy Duff, Group Chief Executive RWEnpower

“I felt very comfortable reading this book. It rang true in so many places for me. The sub-title is “mastering the hidden dynamics of organizational change” and it delivers on that promise. For me it confirmed many of the observations I have made working in a large state-funded organisation… Really a great book and it was written in a way that reads well.”
– Henk (Jan) Roodt Technology Program and Project Manager, Contract Management, Simulation Expert, System Engineer & Analyst: Dunedin, NZ

“I am not aware of a book that has explored these issues in such detail nor developed such a practically orientated approach – this latter is impressive, both in the organization of the material and in the level of detail achieved. This book can be recommended for academic colleagues as well as practitioners. Whilst you may not agree with him throughout you ought to find much stimulating argument here.”
– Colin Carnall. Professor and Associate Dean of Executive Programmes at Warwick Business School

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