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Organizational Consulting

“We reviewed your output at our Management Team Meeting and everyone has signed on to the principles. It was interesting that the meeting was the best by far since I took over as MD and without doubt the initiative was instrumental in this. Many thanks for your support on this and I believe it was a great success.”

— Plc Board Director

Our approach to consulting is designed to achieve progress against clients’ specific agendas and priorities. We develop tailored approaches, which aim to build self-sufficiency; foster collaborative relationships; and challenge conventional wisdom where appropriate, to stimulate creativity and remove barriers to progress.

In particular, we set out to help managers to understand and engage with the hidden, messy and informal (i.e.wiggly) dynamics of everyday organisational life through which change and performance happens. See the How We’re Different pages for more information.

Although our approach rejects the use of ‘take it or leave it’ techniques and rigid methodologies, our hands-on experience makes us aware of the benefits that can arise from the appropriate use of structured approaches, frameworks, and techniques. We have therefore developed a number of proprietary frameworks and supporting materials that add uniqueness, richness and added value to our consultancy offering. You can find out more on the Our Frameworks page.

Examples of Assignments

The list below provides some examples of the organizational consulting that we have carried out, in addition to the issue-based workshops, organizational change, and executive coaching outlined elsewhere on the site:

  • raising managers’ awareness of the hidden, messy, and informal dynamics of organization and the implications of these for these for their own and others’ practice
  • introducing an organization-wide process for managing business performance
  • stimulating and supporting new approaches to leadership performance and development, based on insights from the informal coalitions/wiggly world view of organization
  • acting in a ‘peer reviewer’ capacity to support in-house organization change and development specialists
  • providing guidance and challenge in relation to organization design initiatives scoping the organizational change and development aspects of major acquisitions
  • developing a ‘portfolio management’ strategy for the effective commercial management of a group of separate business units
  • helping to develop the strategic profile of a new business
  • developing proposals for improving the effectiveness of top-level management teams
  • identifying, extensively documenting, and sharing a client’s existing practices and desired enhancements to its operations and maintenance strategy
  • providing ‘executive challenge’ sessions in areas related to the above, to challenge current thinking and stimulate alternative approaches
  • outlining the change and performance management implications of privatisation to managers of companies in industries that were about to be deregulated.

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